Sunday, May 29, 2011


If having more than one talent is a Sin , then I am a Big sinner ..
I am really a Crack of all trades .. I come from the South East of Nigeria ( Anambra State ).... From a family of 5 .. I am the 3rd child..5ft 7" tall... I had formal education and have graduated from IMT Enugu 2010.
My Hobbies are Meeting new people , dancing , rapping and trying out new things ..

Currently working on my Debut Album... Music name is CRACKS and Hopefully will get a Record deal soon.. Life is Really Good..

Olingo Kpoju


Friday, May 27, 2011

Dodge ft Jay Martins - Thanksgiving

Dodge is a new act from coal city who released his album recently featuring known names like Mekoyo, Mc Loph, Jay Martins, Slowdog, Illbliss, Spata e and Kate henshaw Nuttal.

This track features Jay Martins and is just a snippet of what the album is all about.

Michael Demi

Michael Demi will definitely stand out as one of Nigeria’s most explicit songwriter. 
As a singer, the R and B singer stands out with a smooth ballad style that strikes the ear, first time heard. The Delta state boy speaks of his early influences. 
“My dad was my earliest Factor. As a kid, we would wake up to sounds of Don Williams, Lionel Richie, MJ, and a host of others. I started cooing the words to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean before I could really speak. We had this huge Turn table jukebox that made me fall in love with music as I grew. So it wasn’t much of a surprise that I started writing early.” 
Born in Surulere, the singer was raised in all of Lagos,Sokoto, Warri, Benin and Abuja. “Dad moved around a lot thanks to business. But everywhere we went, music never left.” 
A graduate of Chemistry from the University Of Benin, he hung up his academic boots after his Youth Service in Abuja to chase his first love, music. “My sisters were chasing masters degrees, he says. “I just wanted to express the beauty of words and melodies in a way that could touch not just Nigeria as a nation, but the rest of the world as well.” Michael Demi is a product of Supreme Cartel, Uniben’s most prolific unsigned group. “We were all about true Hip hop and R and B. Dope Mc’s like Udin, Dunno, Jemal, Dramin Xvolume and Ace producer Bigfoot of Micworxx. We made music for the love back then. We were never signed amidst the plenty proposals because cats out there were greedy. But Cartel still remains strong. You will probably find out soon…” 
This year, his singles Ratty, Soldier, Astalavista and Which Way hits the airwaves from his upcoming album. “Im enthralled, doing what I love doing. I think now that we’ve got the ears of over 200million people listening to our music, we need to spread good lyrics with actual words and meaning. And that’s what I represent” 
Michael’s album ‘Love, Cheddah and Rythm’ drops this year. 
And we all patiently wait to see how it pays off



Which Way

B-Stone - My Cry

Bstone Shakagbum is a well known producer in the eastern part of Nigeria for his works for artists like Slowdogg,Sparta e, Sym19.

This single is a description of his music creativity with live instruments and an insight of what you will expect from his album.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Coalcity Finest Mixtape ft Slow dogg, Mistabooks, Hype mc - Coal City Anthem

Straight from the lab of GRABE INC comes the single from the most anticipated mixtape in the eastern part of Nigeria. Coal city Anthem repping 042 area code.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boogie Mann - Rock your party

Iyenemi Tyger (born 28th Of February 1984), who performs under the mononym Boogie Mann, formerly Damage is a Nigerian afro artist, born and raised in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State in the southern part of Nigeria .Boogie Mann was part of a record label called Tuck Tyght that was established by Henry Diette Speiff in the year 2000, The label facing the challenges of the Nigerian Music Industry at that time worked inevitably to produce a group album called NOW OFFICIAL, The album played a great role in enlightening all the artists in the label (which were at that time really  young about 15-17) to all the facets of the music business such as Production , Mixing & Mastering , Sound Engineering, packaging  & distribution , this experience would change his life forever .

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ori Owo ft Storm - E Soromi (remix)

George Onyeukwu Nwankwo A.k.a Ori Owo(Double O). A versatile artist with positive prospects.
A good blend of Hip hop, R n B with Naija style.