Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Transformation Of Waste Into Gas By Lagos Government

Believe it or not, the Lagos state government is now into turning domestic waste into Gas. Not only will this be making Lagos a clean state, the Government will also be generating revenue through the Gas produced and sold.

Lagos State Government’s efforts to turn solid waste into wealth are paying off with the commencement of the Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilisation Project, AKINPELU DADA writes. Domestic waste, which used to pose a serious challenge to Lagos State, is about to become a huge revenue earner for the state. Some 15 years ago, solid waste management posed a serious challenge to the government, as Lagos was then regarded as the dirtiest city state in the world.
After some false starts, the government seemed to have got it right with the involvement of the private sector in waste management and the revamp of the state Waste Management Authority to make it more professional and result-oriented. Having overcome the challenge, the state is now on the verge of turning waste into income generating products with the Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilisation Project.
The project, which is being executed by LAWMA in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and the African Carbon Asset Development, is meant to capture methane gas from waste, utilise it for electricity, prevent the release of Greenhouse gasses into the environment, reduce Lagos’ carbon footprint and ensure compliance with international standards on environmental governance.

Mandela Survived, Life Goes On For Him Even At Age 93

This right here is a man loved by nations, a man who made a big impact in his country (South Africa), making it possible for Blacks in that Country to look-on Whites as mates, he was a true leader and that is why he is still alive up-till-now. Even God loves him.
Former president of the republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela is reportedly in stable condition after undergoing a surgery on the night of February 24, 2012. Mr Mandela was rushed to hospital after initial complaints of long-standing abdominal pains, which needed ‘proper specialist medical attention’. A government spokesman said the former leader was ‘in good spirits and well

Evil Man Whips Woman With Snake

This is not only terrible, it is very scary and you can only imagine how mad you will feel like receiving a weep with from a man making striking you with a dead snake's body. And at the end of the whole scenario, the man said he was under the influence of alcohol.

A Bulawayo man has been slapped with a 30 day jail term for whipping a female prison officer using a dead snake following a dispute.
Lungisani Nkomo (27) of Nkulumane was on Monday convicted on his own plea of guilty to assault when he appeared before Bulawayo provincial magistrate Richard Ramaboea.
The court heard that on February 13, Nkomo met Clarent Jimu, who is employed by the Zimbabwe Prison Service, in Nkulumane suburb.
He drew closer and spoke to her in Ndebele, but she replied in Shona. When Nkomo remonstrated with her over her choice of language, the prison officer would not budge.
In a fit of rage, Nkomo grabbed Jimus hand and whipped her using a dead snake he picked up at the spot. Although Jimu did not sustain physical injuries, she felt extremely offended by Nkomo's use of a dead snake to strike her and caused his arrest.
Asked by the trial magistrate why he committed the offence, Nkomo said he had done so under the influence of alcohol

Late Ojukwu's remains arrive Nigeria, receives full military honour

The remains of Dim Ikemba Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu arrived from London aboard a British Airline flight this morning. His body was received at the International Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja, where he received full military honour reserved only for top military officers.He is presently in Imo state from where he will depart to Enugu, Aba and finally resting In Anambra.

James Ibori pleads guilty to fraud & money laundering charges

Former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori, today pleaded guilty to 10 counts of money laundering, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and other offenses in a London court. He pleaded guilty to stealing over $250 million in public funds.
Britain's Department for International Development said today that Ibori “systematically stole funds” during his two terms as governor and deposited the money in bank accounts around the world. It says the money he stole was equal to $60 for every person in Delta state, and that the money could have provided education or clean water for more than 400,000 poor Nigerians. And they've promised that the money stolen by Ibori will be returned to Nigeria's poorest people.

With this plea, Ibori faces up to 10 years in a UK prison at his sentencing, which will happen after the trial ends. Goodluck and Goodbye!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ojukwu To Be Buried In A Gold Casket

Picture: An example of a Gold Casket.

This is not actually the casket but according to the news reaching us (Bloggers), the former civil war war-lord will be buried in something similar to this. His wife (Bianca) has been in London all this whiletrying to put things together and from what she has to say, the Golden casket has been secured.

Ojukwu’s widow, Bianca, who is in London to begin preparations for bringing back the corpse of the departed Biafran warlord told Saturday Sun that the make-up of the casket was to depictthe simple nature of Ojukwu when he was alive. She disclosed that the customised casket has the family crest and the family coat of arms.
Asked how Ojukwu wanted to be buried, Bianca said that besides making specific request that his body be taken to Aba, in Abia State, he did not as such set other standards, though he was in love with the Roman army.
“Therefore, I would want thathe be laid out as a Roman General. You know he was in love with the army and had loved Roman Generals. Therefore, he would be laid out as a Roman General,” she said.
Bianca said that she moved to London well ahead of burial committee members to enable her clear the customized casket.
With the casket cleared, Bianca said that they are looking forward to a requiem mass to be organized in honor of Ojukwu today at the St George’s Cathedral in London by the Igbo community in the United Kingdom, which would be followed by an all-night wake-keep

YNaija Editorial: There's something D'banj needs to know

Article culled from Ynaija.com
"There are many examples of high-wattage celebrity that eventually find themselves done in by a misguided sense of their own immortality. The day eventually comes that they find themselves on stage and there are no cheering crowds. Then, it will dawn on them. But by then it will be too late..." 
This is about the SaharaTV interview. Continue to read the full article...

Judging by the fact that the transcript of D’banj interview with SaharaReporters TV is still one of the most-read stories on this platform even one week after it happened, this continues to be a hot button topic for thousands of young Nigerians – as it should be.

(See the interview transcript HERE.)
No one – no matter how many bodyguards he has or how many hit albums to his credit – should be above being interrogated by his or her compatriots over the state of the common enterprise called Nigeria.
Now, there are those who have reacted with visceral, even uncommon, anger over what they refer to as Dbanj’s insensitivity and a seeming discontent with the Nigerian reality. And there is the visibly minority view, which insists that D’banj is only an entertainer and should be left alone.

Yes, it is a bit of a stretch to criticise D’banj for not joining the rallies in Lagos or London, or to insist that he must oppose the fuel subsidy removal policy. It is after all his fundamental right as a citizen to hold an opinion, even if – perhaps especially when – it is not the popular one.

But that is hardly the point. What D’banj did was essentially tell his interviewer that he had no concern on the subjects of poverty, fuel subsidy removal and the way the affairs of the country are managed – and in the most dismissive sense.

This is wrong for many reasons.

For one, the artiste has referred to himself as a youth ambassador. Of course, as people try to position themselves and their careers, titles like this are strategic to that advancement. However, they must also be ready for the responsibility that comes with that priviledge.

Even more to the point, there is an ironic contraction to D’banj’s latest stance that severely undermines his personal credibility. The singer has always been in his legal and moral rights to produce a song for any politician for a fee – as a business person, this is proper practice. However, in D’banj’s case, he has insisted that this was an endorsement based on belief and not a commercial venture.

This is where it gets tricky. How do you endorse a man out of concern for your nation a year ago and then suddenly be too busy to care about the most important matter concerning your nation, and brought about by that man, a year after?

For those who insist that D’banj is an entertainer and thus should not be burdened with these issues, that is the crux of the matter. He put himself out there.

Perhaps more disappointing than this lack of consistency, is the transparent arrogance in a young man whose success is created by the public, disdainful of the issues on the top of that public’s mind. It is impractical to expect Dban’j to have a Seun Kuti-like grasp of the complexities of cost of governance and fuel subsidy removal, but it is by no means out of order to expect him to show an awareness and sensitivity to those issues, at whatever level he understands them.

It is important for the famous and the influential to understand that patriotism and concern for one’s country is intrinsically linked to the entire concept of citizenship – active or not. You cannot be arrogantly disinterested in your country and still hope to profit from its progress.

D’banj is a talented young man with a superior grasp of his business and his musical brand. If anything, this is apparent from the sold out concert in New York immediately following the disastrous interview. But we certainly hope this is not an attitude he intends to keep up, just because the concert crowds are large, the music awards continue to stream in and the bank account is deservedly fat.

If that is in fact the case, then he would be sorely mistaken. There are many examples of high-wattage celebrity that eventually find themselves done in by a misguided sense of their own immortality.
The day eventually comes that they find themselves on stage and there are no cheering crowds. Then, it will dawn on them. But by then it will be too late.


Fashion Face-Off: Nollywood actresses at movie premiere

Mercy Johnson  Okojie                                                          Ini Edo
                                    Rukky Sanda                                                                       Monalisa Chinda

This is what the lovely actresses wore to the premiere of Ini Edo and Emem Isong's 'I Will Take My Chances', on Friday Feb 24th a Silverbird Galleria in Lagos, but before you pick best dressed, continue to see more photos...

Nse Ikep-Etim                                              Omoni Oboli
                                 Stephanie Okereke                                             Susan Peters

So, best dressed goes to...???
 Pix thanks to Nollywooduncut.com

Beyonce and Jay Z step out with Blue Ivy in baby's first outing

The new parents were spotted heading out to lunch today with their 7 weeks old baby with them...

CBN donates N25million to Christmas Day Bomb Blast Victims

As part of their corporate social responsibility,  the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) this week donated N25 million to the victims of the Christmas day bomb blast at St Theresa’s Catholic Church in Madala, Niger State.

CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, said that the donation was in line with the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which was approved in 2006, enabling the bank to support people in times of need.

The CBN also donated N100m to the victims of the Kano attack in which over 200 died.

Australian Woman Fined After Scamming Nigerian Scammers

A 23 year old Australian woman, Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey, has been fined after stealing more than $30,000 from Nigerian scammers who were running a fraudulent car sales website. In March 2010, Sarah agreed to open an Australian bank account in her name for a group of Nigerians who said they needed the account to transfer money from a phony car sales website. The Nigerians told her that she could keep 8% of the money funneled through the account, but instead Sarah decided to keep all of it.

Smart move!!!! hehehehehe

Groupie leaks bedroom photos with David O

You all have seen the photos, now let's talk about it. The fast rising singer went to Ghana yesterday to perform at a pageant. While in the country, he met 18 year Port Harcourt based Sonia Jumbo, who is studying in Ghana, they had sex and she took photos of him while he was sleeping and put them on the net.

DavidO said he was asleep when the photos were taken. I personally think it's extremely wrong to take compromising photos of someone when they are asleep and make it public. But it's more sad to me that she's only 18 and doesn't find anything wrong in what she did. Thoughts?

Willow Smith's new look

She shaved her hair some weeks back, and now has dyed it platinum blonde. 11 going on 21...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Audu Maikori and Pryse
Chocolate City Group has signed its first female act. And she’s upcoming Port Harcourt based rapper Princess Esindu also known as Pryse.
The label’s lead act and exec M.I announced this afternoon, Friday, February 24, 2012 via his Twitter handle ‘Ladies and Gents… Its Official… @itspryse is the first official Choc Girl!!! Welcome to the fam!!!!’, @MI_Abaga tweeted.
Choc City CEO Audu Maikori confirmed the news to NET, ‘Yes it’s true, we’ve signed Pryse. We’ve been looking for someone like her for years but didn’t find till now’. Maikori says he got to know about Pryse through M.I who had told him about the femcee a while back.
Her art is overwhelming and we are satisfied with her lyrics and delivery’, Audu added.
I’m a Chocolate City artiste! :D I’ve been wanting to say those words 4 a while now! Lol…bear with me oh…’, Pryse excitedly tweeted a few minutes ago.
Pryse joins the list of artistes such as rapper M.I, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, and BrymO who have been flying the Choc City flag high.
Meanwhile, the label may also have signed R&B up-comer and former Nigerian Idol finalist Tonii, according to information on the label’s website.
With Chocolate City finally signing its first lady, all eyes are now on Empire Mates Entertainment  and Mo’hits who are also hoping to pick up a female talent.
Pryse and M.I at the Everybody Loves Ice Prince album launch, 2011
Pryse and Ice Prince