Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Interview: 10 Questions featuring D'Tunez (Kukere Producer)

Q1. Whats your full name?
ANSWER;adesanya doyinsola joshua
Q2. Where are you from?
ANSWER;am from sagamu .ogunstate

Q3. Tell us about D'Tunez?
ANSWER;dtunes is a fun,lovable,nice guy,badguy,nawti boy,lotta tinz wrapped in one guy.i love arts,music,movies,I play a loota sports when I av d time  though.

Q4. When Did you Start Production?
ANSWER;I started music production 3yrs ago,but av been making music since my days in the choir where I started off playing drums then later keyboard

Q5. Do You sing or just produce? Would you like to sing in future?
ANSWER;I make music,wateva dat entails,producing,writing songs,backup vocals, am not certain of the future cos never say never , but for now I don’t tink I wanna be an artist,nah

Q6. Can you tell us What inspired you to do Kukere?
ANSWER;GOD,for me my music has been natural from the start,I don’t need alchohol or smoke somtin and all.i just go into the studio and try my best to make music by GOD’s grace.wit kukere I just wanted to do somtin difernt ,I wanted to create a marriage of instruments,live and synthetic sounds in one.the drumsz on kukere were the live elements and the sounds all synthetic.

Q7. Are you close to Iyanya and Ubi? Whats your relationship with them like?
ANSWER;we are very close,we brothers

Q8. Which artist would you love to produce? How many have you worked with before Iyanya?
ANSWER;av produced almost 20 songs for iyanya so far,working on an album with him.

Q9. Whats your criteria for working with an artist?
ANSWER;the artiste must be talented,hardworking and must not be rigid,being open minded to other ideas helps a lot.cos at the end of the day theres no arm in trying somtin new.

Q10. Are you single or Married?

Q11. What are your next projects?
ANSWER;for now am starting my production company/artist development company

Q12. Do You have a Girlfriend? If yes, Who is the lucky Girl?

Q13. What tips do you have for upcoming producers?
ANSWER;work hard,work hard,work hard,it would all falln in place someday,and try to stay humble.dont just accept wht peepz tell u,follow ur heart,try out that crazy idea dats in ur head,never say never.

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