Thursday, October 25, 2012

Exclusive Exposé : Pictures of deteriorated union bank branch

Check out some of the pictures from a supposed reliable financial institution in Nigeria. How this bank still manages to stay afloat is beyond me. Big, strong and reliable maybe but can you trust a bank with poor maintenance habits.

An Excuse for a banking hall. Those Cupboards on the walls are supposed to be air conditioners

On the other half just standing fans and wall fans, No Air conditioners

These Computer Monitors are obsolete, they may be worth a fortune in the vintage market,more standing fans in the area

Terrazo floor is acceptable but the galvanized mopping bucket is not

Nobody is below the average age of 60 in this bank, that includes staff,customers,visitors and owners

Look at that table,the wall,the door.can you be convinced to open an account here?

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