Monday, June 6, 2011

Sortitude - Kennis Music, Mo Hits, Choc City

Kennis Music Mo’Hits Choco City, a new song from 27 years old Singer
sensation and producer, Sortitude, who’s hailing all the way from Imo
state Nigeria. This guy has quite a habit of creating monstrous hits
that dwells safely in the confinements of his Reverbnation page. His
debut single, Hala Hala was a success considering the fact that it was
widely felt and received among music lovers in and around the
south-east back in 2010.

The man has certainly not sat back and relaxed. On the song, he
encourages fellow up and coming artistes to ‘keep on keeping on’ and
that there’s still a chance at success regardless. Even though it
appears the Major Record labels are the ones running the show. He
mentions Mo’Hits, Kennis Music and Chocolate City as instances

                                            Kennis Music, Mo Hits, Choc City

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