Wednesday, April 25, 2012

D’banj Tells His Side Of the ‘Mo’hits Breakup’ Story

dbanj Dbanj Tells His Side Of the Mohits Breakup Story

We have heard a lot about the speculation, listened to insinuations and seen fingers pointed in the direction of D’banj as the arrogant superstar responsible for the Mohits breakup, but now he tells his side of the story to AyeniTheGreat of TheNetNG. He had a lot to say on what caused the breakup between him and long time friend and business partner Don Jazzy.
Read Some Excerpts from the Interview below and be sure to Check theNetNG for the entire Interview
“And that’s where the problem started. ‘Don Jazzy was no longer comfortable. You know, we were like fishes out of water, in this new system, starting all over again, like when we returned home in 2004.   I got him a place in the US, set up a studio there, just so he’d be comfortable and be able to work without going to hang around the studios. In one year Jazzy did not make a song. I said, maybe you want to go back to Lagos, you’ll get inspiration there? I was all about the work, I wanted us to make this happen, so we can bridge that gap and create a path for Africa. But Jazzy wanted us to go back home. And I understand. He’s my friend, my brother’.
But I never expected him to do what he did.’ He said to me in July last year ‘Let’s scatter Mohits. He told me there are two captains – two captains cannot be in a ship. I was like ‘that’s not possible, this is a marriage’. He said ‘then this marriage is no longer working’. I said then let’s go for counseling; I asked, so what happens to our children?’” TheNetNg

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