Thursday, August 25, 2011

2Geezy - Our Style + Baby Gurl

2Geez is an up and coming Nigerian Hip hop duo from Port Harcourt
city, Rivers State that consists of G-Two (Genesis Gabriel) and Double
Gee (Gilbert Godwin). The duo found themselves and understood that
they needed each other to make their dreams come true and ever since
they've been working hard to get recognized for what they know how to
do best which is good music.

19yrs old G-Two whose real names are Genesis Ogunte was born in the
city of Port Harcourt but resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He discovered his
rap skills back in 2006 and since then he hasn't given up on working
hard to develop it. Gibert Godwin a.k.a Double G hails from Isoko,
Delta State but he grew up in Port Harcourt and currently lives in
Lagos as well, where he and his partner carry out most of their
recordings. Godwin is an excellent dancer and a singer, he started
dancing since he was eight, though he still enjoys it so much, he had
to switch along the line to focus more on singing which he now prefers
to dancing.

G-Two and Double G are two different people that knows what they want,
where they are from and where they are heading to and that is why they
are working so hard to ensure that their names get out there. Their
main aim is to serve the world with nothing but genuine music. Check
out their singles Baby Gurl and Our style off their upcoming EP
Our Style

Baby Gurl

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