Wednesday, July 6, 2011

L.Cracks (Tribute)

Henry Anwatu a.k.a L.Cracks featured on this site for the first time on the 29th of May 2011 with 2 tracks titled Olingo kpoju and Jupiter.i told him i liked jupiter alot because of its techno concept.He let me know i havent seen the best of him yet. I believe every word he said cos he had a way of putting all his statements into rhymes.His word play ability was astonishing.June 12th,He told me he had written over 100 songs and that he needs a good production. i told him ill cook up stuff to get started,when i was done with a beat,he told me he would be done with it in 4 hours. he recorded it in his laptop and had it played over to me on the phone.The funny thing was that he wrote the song using most of the things we were talking about.i couldnt believe this guy.I had to convince this guy to stay back in town so we could work together,he said as soon as he is done with Service he'll be back.

June 28 he called me up and told me to meet him at the studio that he needs to pick up his gear for his 2 newest tracks Club Military and Chop Koboko. he picked up his very close friend and artist Lady Adasa to participate in the photo shoot.he told me to get a koboko for him at the market,not knowing the difference i got a cane instead,running out of time we had to proceed.

That was the longest time ive spent with him.
I remember the jokes in the studio very well.we were yabbing ice prince's neck
I remember the last handshake after you told me you'll call me up the next morning.
I only believed you were gone yesterday when i saw your poster.
Only God knows why things happen the way they do.
This is my Tribute to you my friend,brother and Artist
May Your Soul Rest in Peace and in the heart of Almighty God
Sent me this pic after he was done with my Beat

Photo shoot for Club Military and Chop Koboko 2 hours before his death.

Chop Koboko

Club Military

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