Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ojukwu To Be Buried In A Gold Casket

Picture: An example of a Gold Casket.

This is not actually the casket but according to the news reaching us (Bloggers), the former civil war war-lord will be buried in something similar to this. His wife (Bianca) has been in London all this whiletrying to put things together and from what she has to say, the Golden casket has been secured.

Ojukwu’s widow, Bianca, who is in London to begin preparations for bringing back the corpse of the departed Biafran warlord told Saturday Sun that the make-up of the casket was to depictthe simple nature of Ojukwu when he was alive. She disclosed that the customised casket has the family crest and the family coat of arms.
Asked how Ojukwu wanted to be buried, Bianca said that besides making specific request that his body be taken to Aba, in Abia State, he did not as such set other standards, though he was in love with the Roman army.
“Therefore, I would want thathe be laid out as a Roman General. You know he was in love with the army and had loved Roman Generals. Therefore, he would be laid out as a Roman General,” she said.
Bianca said that she moved to London well ahead of burial committee members to enable her clear the customized casket.
With the casket cleared, Bianca said that they are looking forward to a requiem mass to be organized in honor of Ojukwu today at the St George’s Cathedral in London by the Igbo community in the United Kingdom, which would be followed by an all-night wake-keep

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