Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boko Haram Bomb Explosion - Very Graphic Video

Video is estreamly hyper...
Imagine you walking towards a bomb all because you believe in saving other people's life's, imagine how big this mans gut is and also imagine how great a loss his death will be to those who love and care for him so much. May God forgive us all and save Nigeriafrom total unrest. This bombings are fast becoming part of our daily life's, very bad.

A police officer with the anti-bomb squad was killed in Kaduna on Tuesday while trying to defuse an object suspected to be a bomb put in a polythene bag near the Sultan Bello Mosque flyover at Ungwan Sarki, Kaduna. The incident occurred shortly after another bomb was detonated, causing panic in the area. A police officer noticed a bag close by and moved towards it with a scanner to defuse it, but it explodedkilling him immediately. Deputy Superintendent of Police Aminu Lawan said the policeman that was killed was one of their anti-bomb squad officers and investigation into the incident had commenced.

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  1. Please guyz, let us all pray God change their heart soon.

    Since it's not yet stopped, i presume a lil bit of information about this bomb is necessary. I find this website quiet good and resourceful for bomb and other security tips - security tips: Bomb Prevention Tips for Public Premises and Private Establishments and Responding to Telephone Bomb Threats among others.