Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Transformation Of Waste Into Gas By Lagos Government

Believe it or not, the Lagos state government is now into turning domestic waste into Gas. Not only will this be making Lagos a clean state, the Government will also be generating revenue through the Gas produced and sold.

Lagos State Government’s efforts to turn solid waste into wealth are paying off with the commencement of the Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilisation Project, AKINPELU DADA writes. Domestic waste, which used to pose a serious challenge to Lagos State, is about to become a huge revenue earner for the state. Some 15 years ago, solid waste management posed a serious challenge to the government, as Lagos was then regarded as the dirtiest city state in the world.
After some false starts, the government seemed to have got it right with the involvement of the private sector in waste management and the revamp of the state Waste Management Authority to make it more professional and result-oriented. Having overcome the challenge, the state is now on the verge of turning waste into income generating products with the Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilisation Project.
The project, which is being executed by LAWMA in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme and the African Carbon Asset Development, is meant to capture methane gas from waste, utilise it for electricity, prevent the release of Greenhouse gasses into the environment, reduce Lagos’ carbon footprint and ensure compliance with international standards on environmental governance.

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