Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mistabooks Gets Signed up

Mistabooks is a veteran rapper who just recently quit rap to try other things due to lack of break through and minimal finance. It seems his cry was heard by Eastern Entertainment giants called "Big and Small Entertainment (B.A.S.E) who quickly snatched the dude before he had a chance to change his mind.
 Among there recent project is a collaboration with top producer and singer Veecko Kyngz who's single is currently blazing everywhere in the east. Rumour has it that further collaborations with Ill Bliss and Phyno is on the way and a release of his first ever music video.

Thanks to B.A.S.E his future is becoming brighter and his cry for help wasnt on deaf ears.

Now we are sure Mistabooks is going to stick around a while longer.

Upcoming tracks : Mistabooks ft Veecko Kyngz - Omoge (Anything 4 u)
                              Mistabooks - Don Corleone
                              Mistabooks ft Phyno, Ill Bliss - Don Corleone (Remix)
Stay Tuned

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