Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Fans who are anticipating Rick Ross’ new video (for the single ‘Hold me back’) shouldn’t bother looking for it on BET when it drops as the network has banned the soon-to-be released video.
Reports say BET has watched the full clip and are  ’adamant on keeping the raw and intense footage’ of Ross’ latest visual production off their network.
Video director TAJ_TKP who is responsible for the footage took to his personal Twitter account to express his disappointment.
So BET rejected Ross’ ‘Hold Me Back’ video. It’s incredibly sad, because the video is incredibly special & real. You’re killing US BET. Smh. Everybody ask BET why it’s ok for them to play ‘Boyz N The Hood’, ‘Menace To Society’, and ‘South Central’, but not Ross’ video. What does BET stand for? You should have two answers for that question’, TAJ_TKP said.
The director later tweeted at BET President Stephen Hill in a bid for the exec to reverse the decision;  ’Please tell BET to play Rick Ross’ ‘Hold Me Back’ Video. It’s a work of art and it’s as REAL as it gets. Support it’s honesty‘.
Guess Ross was wrong by saying no one could ‘hold him back’, yea?
Watch the trailer to ‘Hold me back’ below…

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