Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Lady Gaga arrives at the Sungshan Airport in Taipei, Taiwan, May 2012

After a considerable achievement as a celebrity with large followership on social websites, Stefani Germanotta, otherwise called Lady Gaga has launched her own social website.
The website which is called was launched recently and according to her manager, Troy Carter, the inspiration behind the website is to allow Lady Gaga’s fans (little monsters) an opportunity to mingle with each other, create and share Gaga related content and at the same time, update themselves with news about and happenings about Gaga.
Meanwhile, critics have faulted the website on its semblance with Pinterest and its voting functionality which is Reddit-like. Reacting to this, Troy Carter, who co-founded the website’s start up, denies the claim stating that the website’s intention is not to compete with existing social platforms.
‘This is not a product meant to destroy or compete with Face book. It’s a different purpose…We wanted to create an experience where language barriers were no longer barriers…While Face book helps people build their social graphs, Little Monsters and other Backplane networks aim to build identities around specific interests, affinities and movements’ he says.
Gaga, 26, was in March 2012 announced as the first celebrity to have 20 million followers and has over 52 million face book fans as well as over 2 million Google+ followers.
A screenshot of the website

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