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She is not a new name in the industry, has been around and has pulled alot of stunt as a feemcee. I caught up with the pretty swagged up chic Zee, had a chat with her and ended up liking her the more. Below is an interview (On The Bench) with pretty Zee. A fun and lively character to be with.By Chuklegend

Whats your full name?

Zakeh Maria Ekpong.

How did you get the name Zee?

A lot of frends couldn't just pronounce my name right so someone shortened it to ZEE and before I knew it,everyone started calling me ZEE. I thought the name was cool so I made it ma stage name too.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm from crossriver state and from a family of elder brother,my sis and I were raised by my dad was a pilot officer in the airforce and died a long time ago.I grew up in the airforce base and attended Airforce primary and secondary school before attending University of Lagos which I graduated from in 2010

What inspired you into doing the kind of music that you do?

I have always been closer to my brother than I am to my sis so I learnt a lot from my brother.he loves Rap and had a lot of tapes.I used to listen to them with him and then I'd learn a few bars and start spitting.I grew to love Rap music that way

For how long have you been doing music?


Who are your role models?

My mum..she is a really strong woman and has been playing the role of a Dad and mum for a very long time she has handled me and my siblings upbringing so far is greatly admired by me and so many people. And Also, the hardworking Video director,clarence peters.

What do you think about the Nigeria Music Industry?

Hmmm...the Nigerian music industry is doing very well at the moment if you ask me. it has grown so big in such a short period of time and Nigerian music is now recognised worldwide.though artistes still tackle little problems here and there when it comes to piracy and royalties..but as it is,things can only get better

What's your plans on making it better?

At this stage, I can not make things better on my own. Artistes have to work together to make the music industry a lot more better than it is now.On my own,all I can do is make Good music,encourage upcoming artistes to do the same and support any form of organisation that is for the betterment of the music industry as a whole.

Who have you worked with and who do u intend working with in the future(National and International)?

I have worked with artistes like, tha suspect,minjin of kennis music,Donna diva, EVa and Presh of kc presh,NOSA, Rayce, illbliss, Bigmaxx, Vector, Pryse and so many others... I have intentions of working with artistes like brymo, Naeto c, inyanya, and internationally working with Bruno Mars and Eminem won't be bad 

Are you signed under any record label?

No I'm not...

When you are not Zee,what else do u really do?

When I'm not Zee I am Zakeh...I'm probably hanging with friends gisting away or indulgin in one business or the other to keep some income coming..atleast till I blow (laughs)

Are you married or into any relationship?

Hian!..if I'm not do u want to find a man for me? (Raised eyebrow)

What is the most embarrasing moment of your life?
That would be when I went to watch salt of the earth band perform at saipan with Vector an pype with the band then. I got to the entrance and was bounced by the bouncer who kept asking me.."Can't u greet???" Chai I nearly cried 

When should we be expecting another heavy single from you?

I'm droppin another track in the next 1 month...I'm sure yall would like it :)

How soon before your album drops?

I'm Not dropping my album till next year

We hope to see you in the east soon,how soon will that be too?

Soon ooo......I need to penetrate that area! Nna! That is where the money

Final words to your fans out there.

Who am I without my fans???..I wona say thank you for the support you all have shown me.may u get even more support from others in whatever you do.God bless you.

As Com pilled by CHUKLEGEND

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