Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tornado's Hits United States, Kills Over 31 People

According to reports reaching us, some bunch of tornado's have been going all around some states in United states tearing buildings apart like paper... if you are anywhere close to these states, keep watch at all times.
No fewer than 31 people have died in the United States after dozens of tornadoes tore through nine states. Fourteen people were killed in southern Indiana, another 14 in neighboring Kentucky, at least two in Ohio and one in Alabama, skynews reports. The fatalities occurred as powerful storms stretched from the US Gulf Coast to the northern Great Lakes, leaving buildings flattened and at least one small town wrecked.

It is thought up to 90 tornadoes struck across seven states of the country, put up to 10 million people at risk. Widespread damage was reported across Indiana and Clark County Sheriff’s Department Major Chuck Adams said the town of Marysville was “completely gone”

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