Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hip hop veteran, Nas recently sealed a deal to become the leading ambassador of a unique men’s grooming brand in Africa.
The company, GetAndis, announced a strategic partnership with the New York born rapper, in a multi- million dollar deal, as part of an advertising campaign which will launch in over 51 countries in Africa.
We’re told this alliance provides GetAndis the ability to market its range of grooming products in a market that is considered amongst the fastest growing in the world with a combined population of over a billion.
Nas, who is reportedly set to release his tenth studio album, has already begun promoting his new brand.
‘Being an international artist, I do shows around the world and I need to look and stay fresh at all times. My barber always uses Andis clippers, trimmers and accessories to cut my hair in the U.S.’ he said in a statement.
‘When I’m on tour overseas, I’ll carry converters to convert from the U.S. voltage to the local voltage burning a lot of clippers and with the clippers making so much noise.  Now with the Andis Clippers available in international 220v, I’ll just plug and use. So whether we are in Lagos, Nigeria or Cape Town, South Africa, or anywhere else around the world, I use Andis clippers and trimmers to keep me looking fresh’ stated Nas.
Andis range of grooming products includes Clippers, Trimmers, Blow Dryers and Flat Iron.
CEO of the company, Saheed Ahmed, gave an insight as to why the rapper was selected to be the brand’s ambassador.
‘Andis makes the best grooming products in the world and Nas is a top 5 MC in the world. He also happens to maintain the freshest haircut in Hip-hop so there’s a natural fit. Beyond that, Nas has deep understanding of socio-economic issues in Africa and has consistently referenced these in his music so engaging him as part of our marketing initiatives was really a no-brainer’, Saheed Ahmed said.
Nas released a collaboration album with renowned reggae artist Damian Marley in 2010 in which all income generated from the album’s sales were sent to charities created to end poverty and financial suffering in Africa.

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