Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Wizboy and Slim Brown on the set of ‘Infinity’
There are very few ‘indigenous’ melodies that gain more than my passing interest at any given time, Wizboy’s ‘Infinity’ featuring Slim Brown is one of them.
The song, released by the artiste sometime in 2011, harps on the attainment of success and its enjoyment after a period of ‘hustlin’.
But the video for the song, the second video, directed by Godfather made a total rubbish of the concept of the song.
Apart from the fact that the video was an obvious step up from the first effort (which was directed by Akin Alabi), featuring better picture quality and resolution, and of course a platform for Wizboy to flaunt his new status, this video was rather dully used to portray his ‘arrival’.
For one, the car wash scene, featuring only one car, a Range Rover, in the beginning was as unrealistic as it could get.
Then the same SUV makes a re-incarnation as a prop on the set to flaunt with. Now, the choice of a Range Rover over an Infinity, which the song repeatedly references in its hooks, is… (sigh)
Altogether, it is a case of a good song with a terribly conceptualized video on HD!
Watch Wizboyy’s ‘Infinity’ video directed by Godfather Productions in South Africa
Watch the previous ‘Infinity’ video directed by Akin Alabi in Nigeria.

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