Sunday, March 4, 2012

Woman Delivers 11 Baby Boys At Once - Record Breaking

There are some news that we all only get to hear about once in a lifetime and this one is a pretty good example. Imagine! the Indian woman delivered 11 baby boys and also survived to tell stories about it. Wow

This has been tagged the record breaking occurrence in a maternity ward this year! An Indian woman reportedly gave birth to eleven baby boys just a few days ago. Doctors handling the delivery were surprised, but glad to have had a successful delivery.
Some people have speculated that some of the babies are test tube babies since a woman couldn’t have given birth to all eleven babies at once. However, some have debunked such speculations, saying it there is no logical reason why a woman would choose to be pregnant with some babies and have the rest in test tubes.
Others have said the eleven babies are from different mothers. Whatever the case is, this is sure a wonder!

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