Sunday, March 4, 2012

What I Hate About MEN - Renne Badejo

I hate men who lie. I don’t like men who cheat, and it’s like everybody cheats. To start with, I don’t like a guy who tells tales, stories that are bundles of lies. Of course, if you lie, you must tell stories. A guy who tells tales is not my kind of person. When a guy sits with you, you will know if he tells tales or not.

A guy, who pretends, and one who tells tales are from the same shield, the same umbrella. But like every other person I do cope with men, I cope, I cope, I cope. I don’t go beyond my boundaries, I just cope. I am quite trusting.

I am open-hearted; I will take you for what you are. Can I date a married man? Why would I want to date a married man? Well, a married man is a married man; a single girl is a single girl. I can’t date a married man. No, I will never date a married man for obvious reasons

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