Monday, June 25, 2012


I know alot of  people out there, especially up and coming artist  would want to know of the trend of  Davido`s rise to fame. That was why i had to post this article so you can get a detailed overview of the rise to fame of the talented young up and coming Davido.Happy reading (Chuklegend).

After reading this epistle, you might probably be of the opinion that the Omo Baba Olowo paid me to do this, but in sincere truth, i will want to confide in you that i got to establish my respect for  Davido as an act a couple hours before writing this. I will be quick to add that Davido is an act i never believed at inception.
Back when he first dropped officially with Naeto C, he struck me like a wannabe. His music never had any connections with me. He was further disadvantaged because as at his time of entrance, the Wizkid was red hot and in vogue.
Although at inception, a lot of people saw him as a direct competition with Wizzy, he just never occured to me in that light. A couple people will at least agree with me that the track 'Back When' is just of the mediocre category.
Hardworking Davido later dropped 'Dami duro' which did very well commercially after he spent a whole lot of cash promoting it, but sincerely the commercial success did not move me. The song was just another track by another new arrival. Dami duro got all the airplay any song could have got. It was well slammed on all radio stations, clubs and parties. Someone even told me that whenever you buy a memory card from the very popular computer village at Ikeja Lagos, Dami duro is a gift on the card, that's how far the promotions went.
With all this hardwork, i still never got impressed with Davido, that doesn't happen a lot. Whenever i told people that Davido is yet to earn my respect as an artiste, i usually get a grin, but i cared less.
Bad news for me O.B.O Davido never cared about my views and opinion, he kept doing what he know how to do best, dropping Ekuro, a love song which caught up with several fans, especially those of the female folks.
Ekuro is another song which i must say sincerely did well and still doing well commercially. The song came into the factory and has stood the test of time. Let me be quick to add that all three tracks have got very beautiful videos, but i still wasn't impressed.
I know by now u'll be wondering what then got me to respect Davido, how did he please me? Back when, Dami duro, and then Ekuro and i wasn't impressed, how then will i be?
I have many a times had discussions with other music critics like Pmonkz of Pmonkz entertainment about Davido, but only a few belong to my school of thought. Others see Davido as an act who has come to stay. I never argued their opinions though and it never stood in the way of mine.
Nemesis caught up with me a few weeks back when i was on a radio show at Unique Fm Ilesha Osun state where Davido's No visa was played. This song got me. Being a lil egoistic, having full knowledge of the fact that people around know my view of Davido, i decided not to talk much about the song, but indeed this song arrested me. In a couple minutes, i had starteted singing along.
No visa, a song which was done on the same beat with Move it by Skuki got me stunned. Davido's delivery on that beat was superb. I had no choice than to ask for a replay by Dj Shinog.
I did not get the title of the song, so downloading it was a little difficult. I did not want to ask anyone around as they knew my view of Davido, so i decided to confide in google. I got the song downloaded and it was on replay for days with an estimated play of over 300 times.
No visa, a song on which he featured his cohort Shina Rambo earned Davido my respect. Contratry to my friend Tosin Adeda of Radiopalmwine's opinnion of Shina, i think he did well too on that song.
This song made me do a thorough analysis on Davido and his music and i came up with the conclusion that asides bad manners and pride, Davido is one of the most talented acts we have around who is set for the larger stages of the world. He's indeeed got talents. He's got what it takes to be here a while longer than imagined. I know a couple peeps who will mail me after reading this to either laugh at me or mock me, but quote me anywhere Wale Applause said Davido is here to stay.
By Wale Applause

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