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                       Interview with Fivemics by Chuklegend

I don`t have to say much about this dude,but trust me when i say he is GOOD. He is one of the guys in the industry that still respect the rap theory and flow according to the rules of the game. He has been in the game for quite sometime now and has always been unique with his style, rhymes and flows.
I caught up with this dude out of his very busy schedule and had a chat with him and after much interactions,i still couldnt  decipher the source of his strength. Like samson of rap,5mics has the energy to cook up any rap beef and get it fried. Now read what really transpired between me and this hiphop superstar.

Whats up?
Am Cool

Who is Fivemics?

Real name Stanley I. Ikegbulam is first of five children. Nickname 5mics which was named as a status for his rap skillz also earned by known rap acts in the likes of Nas, JayZ etc. Mostly identified with hiphop acts and source mag from rapper to a scholar. I went through primary school education in the city of lagos,secondary education also in lagos then went ahead to study Business Administration at the University Of Abuja.

What brought about the name 5mics?

I believe am ill,and am going to leave the music scene with classic and epic stuffs so what other suits a rapper! Alot of rappers always tell me they wished they had my name...lol. Aside the fact my niggaz gave me the name after wining a freestyle competition called 5mics back then. 5mics is just like saying the 5 star hotel of rap( with a very huge smile), 5star general of rap etc. For hiphop your 5mics your classic.

When i first heard the name,i thought it was a five man group. So tell me how are you coping with introducing the name to the public.
Well i always have to explain this most times even to hiphop fans...5mics means excellence in rap,its a status given to classic acts associated with the source magazine...so the name stuck when i won a freestyle battle called 5mics back in the days. So introduce aint gonna be a problem as i do that with my music.

How long have you really been into music?
Officially 2007

Are you currently signed under a label?
No answer

Music according to some people is a gift from nature and it is required of every musician to know how to play atleast one instrument. So which instrument can you play?
I play the drums..lol,but its been a long while so i have to practise again to regain my skils..lol

Now tell me about the real you,not the 5mics in you?
Watching and playing soccer(if i wasnt rapping i would be a proffesional footballer),basketball,video games,reading and researching,travelling and most of all making music.

As a musician, who is your role model?
JayZ, his lyricisim,wit and business sense.

What are we expecting from you in the next few years?
Great materials(Albums,Video,Songs,Awards)etc

When should we be expecting an album from you?
Not anytime soon.

What of a new single?
Well we are working on a project,soon materials will be out

Final words to your fans out there?
 Work hard,Pray hard nothing is impossible.

Now that was it. Hope you got to know much about him?

                                                                           End of Chat!!!

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