Sunday, June 3, 2012


As a follow up to the accusations levelled against rapper 2shotz by Leads City University students, the producers of the show have released pictures and a video footage as evidence.
The materials were released online on Friday, June 1, 2012 three days after 2shotz responded to the allegation levelled against him in a press release issued on May 28, 2012.
2Shotz responded through his manager, one Stephen,  saying, ‘It’s been deemed necessary for 2shotz to respond through his publicist, about the stories making rounds that he collected money for a fashion event in Lead City University Ibadan and refused to turn up.
The said amount (N100,000) was meant for 2Shotz appearance at the fashion show. It must be made clear that 2Shotz has a no refund policy of such fee.
Unlike stories going round, 2Shotz was actually in Ibadan for the event but unfortunately, the organizers did not pick him (2Shotz) up at the hotel for the show.
‘I was very angry, that the organizers could bring me to Ibadan, and did not find it necessary to come pick me up at the hotel’ said 2Shotz
2Shotz remains faithful to his fans and will continue to churn out good music that will always keep’, the statement released by his manager Stephen read.
However, a spokesperson for the organisers, Harrison Akadidi says he doesn’t know ‘who the veteran rapper is fooling’. ‘How possible is it, for organizers being unable to pick up 2shotz for an event he was paid to be a part of?’, Harrison asks rhetorically.
He went on to further explain that at 4PM of the event day, vehicles were sent to ‘pick up everyone including 2shotz to the venue of the event’. ‘We needed him to move to a bar in the school so as it create P.R Buzz for the show’.
Harrison says 2shotz refused to go and responded ‘I’m bigger than that sh*t’.
At 8PM we expected 2shotz at the event, he wasn’t at the venue knowing there was a vehicle waiting for him. At around 10PM we went on to check up and bring him through, our ‘scamful’ artiste was dead asleep and drunk, he’s P.A said: he is drunk, I’m not sure he can go out this way. For the fact the event was going well without him, the organizers left him’.
The following morning he requested for take home ride, we did call a cab for him, later to realize he wanted us to pay for the cab, the cab guy charged 8,000, we gave him 7,000 as all we had left, based on the fact we didn’t sell tickets because the students of Leads City University didn’t believe 2shotz came through for the event.
After giving 2shotz N7,000 he still complained we needed to complete it, that he wasn’t going to complete the money from his wallet, so a student of Leads City and part of the organizing team had a rough shout at him, shortly after then 2shotz left Leads City University.
The pictures released are supposed Blackberry Messenger chats of the rapper with a friend.
The video released on video sharing website YouTube shows a young person screaming at someone supposedly meant to be 2shtoz in a Toyota Camry vehicle. The video however does not show the rapper in it.
The video:

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