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Popular musician William Orioha better known as 2shotz has denied the accusations levelled against him by students of Lead City University, Ibadan.
The rapper’s personal assistant, Stephen, tells 2shotz was indisposed and not yet ready to talk about the matter. He however claimed that the story reported by the students is untrue.
On Monday, May 28, 2012, the students posted anti-2shotz pictures and press releases online, after a recent business transaction involving one of their students and the musician went sour.
In the press releases, the students accused the musician of failing to appear at a show for which they had paid him N100,000. They also said an extra N30,000 was added as ‘Driving inconvenience charge’ when he refused to use the transportation arranged for him, and claimed he did not show up at the event, even after they lodged him in a hotel and provided all of his demands, including six girls.
But Stephen says the story is ‘baseless and untrue’. He claimed they were ready for the show but didn’t make it because the organizers failed to pick them up at the hotel in which they were lodged.
He stressed that 2shotz was paid for an appearance, and not a performance. As regards the six girls allegedly provided, 2shotz’s rep was quick to counter it. ‘There was only one girl in the room with them, and that was Ruffcoin’s girlfriend’ he said.
Saying the treatment that they received from the Lead City students was terrible, Stephen claimed they had to find their way back to Lagos on their own, after being made to pay for their food and drinks during their stay in the hotel.
However, one of the organizers of the event, Mr Harrison Akadidi, confirmed in a chat with one of our correspondents that Stephen’s claims are false. He reiterated that the content of the press release was true. ‘2shotz and his crew are liars. I am the one that personally called 2shotz for the show…All the money we spent on him for that show was up to N250,000. We got six girls for him, bought drinks and made him feel comfortable and when it was 4 o’clock, he and his crew members refused to come out. We appealed to him to show but he said we should give him time to set up’.
As regards the claim that there was no car to convey them to the venue, Akadidi said ‘How can he say that? There were 5 vehicles waiting for everybody at the hotel. I am the producer of the show and I slept there myself. After we left him to rest, we came back 10 o’clock to pick him up but we met an artiste called Tony Torch who told us that 2shotz and his crew were asleep and not in the right condition to perform. Apparently they had been sleeping and boning the six girls with them.’
Akadidi also said 2shotz and his entourage did not, as claimed, have to find their own way back to Lagos. ‘We paid the money for the cab. The cab man charged 8k. I was even the one saying we would not pay, when my partner, Tipsy dropped 7k but the driver insisted that it must be complete before he takes off. There is a video of everything. We would upload it today and you will see everything. Even in the video, you would see where one of the girls was confronting him for wanting to do sixsome… Don’t worry, the video will come out soon’, he concluded.
Meanwhile, Stephen says 2shotz isn’t planning to involve his lawyers right now. ‘We are chilling to see how everything goes but we will definitely speak soon’ he says.
This picture was out up on Twitter with the caption '2shotz scams varsity students and slept with 6 girls'

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