Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mista Books Rescinds Decision To Quit Rap

Mista Books
A few weeks ago Mista Books announced on facebook that he wasn’t going to rap any longer, and that the rap business hasn’t really helped him much financially. However, questions remained over whether he was actually serious about hanging up the mic.
The Enugu State-born rapper and producer has just rescinded his decision to quit rapping and has admitted that it may have been a hasty one.
“I was going through mad stress and frustration”, said Mista Books in a recent chat, “It’s like when you put in so much and don’t get what you deserve. It was becoming too difficult for me to handle, I just had to speak out my mind, that was how I felt at the time, I guess I was hasty about it tho”.
He continued by explaining his present situation. “I’m feeling pretty normal right now anyway, some of my people have shown their concern and have spoken to me and I don’t feel like letting them down, I’m ready to continue with the music, I’m pulling myself back up”.
Mista Books also apologized to his fans saying, “My sincere apologies to my fans, my friends that have been supportive and have not wanted to give up on me. I wasn’t really thinking straight tho, I didn’t consider those that love the music, the community and that was wrong. But right now I’ve got bigger things on my mind, I’ve got a mixtape to put out and I’ve got to deliver as always”.

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