Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Q&A With Dialect

Tell us about yourself.

My names are felix E otuokere going by the art name Dialect. 
I m an artiste a musical producer and a graphic designer. Last in a family of four boys, born and brought up in delta state buth life took me down to awka where I take ma shots from. About the name 'Dialect' as we know means the way some subset of people speak a language, puting together the fact that I see music as a universal language I decided to pick DIALECT as my name. This means that music is my dialect, my own way of sending out messages to the entire world.

What got you into the music world?

The first is my love for music, back then in secondary school I was more of a listener, even when we were not allowed to use radios I always had a way of sneaking one into the hostel because music was my companion. Secondly was my dance talent, I started dancing wen I was in SS3 which can be assumed as starting late. But I didn't stop even after schools. I danced in shows and other events
 although I was doing micheal jackson dances back then, but at a point I realised that performing jackson wouldn't take me any where so I defined myself and took to singing which I always knew I was also good at.

 Tell us about your hit single "Janglover"

janglover is one of my songs that I started promotin like 3 years ago but it gained recognition last 2 year till date, but there was a controversy over the song which affected me so much. Many believed that the song was psquare's, on mixtapes, in the internet, on phones and so many other places you could find the song, it was tagged as psquares song. I tried to prove my self as the croner of janglover but people already had their mind set on what they wanted it to be, so I continued to work on my job. Gradually the truth of the matter started showing up as my other works outside janglover still got the same flavour.

What other songs have you made outside janglover?

I have so many songs outside janglover, let me just mention the
 popular ones, carry my heart, alantamicine, carolina, badboi, oshe, ticket them, I send them Ft. Vector and hold me now.

What challanges are the industry posing for you?

Well, to be honest, the entertainment industry is very competetive right now and many have come into it to show how rich and capable they are and this have in turn corrupted the mind of many and made it very difficult for an average man to promote their songs. Promotions has become a nightmare as these days good songs hardly gain grounds without a big push. So to me, right now promotions is all I see as a challange.

Are you officially under any record label?

I think this is the easiest question asked so far, No. I am not. Still doing it on my own.

Are u single or married? 

Am single, yet not searching lol..

How do you cope with your female fans?

That's never difficult for me as I always define the relationship at any point in time. I alway found a way not to offend them and at the same time not to pass the wrong message. It will only hurt at the beging when you make a girl understand that you are only just friends, on the long run she will appreciate you for being honest and man enough.

Where do you expect yourself to be in 5year to come?

To me 5years is too much, but just know that I am working towards getting to the top, not just getting there but also creating an unforgetable impresion up there.

What words do you have to say to upcoming artiste who look up to you?

I must be plain here, the question is not an easy one, but the only thing that can see you through is determination. If you know you want, go for it, keep pushing even when you have fallen so many times.

What are we expecting from you next?

I am droping two new singles, tittled finish me die and I do. These songs are unique on their owne and both passes messages. These songs ll blow your mind.

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