Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mistabooks quits Rap

Was hoping it was a hoax but its official. Mistabooks has quit the game after 11 years of pure hip hop. According to our friends from Hiphopsouth, this is the info;

Enugu state-born rapper and producer Mista Books has had it with the rap game. Unexpected but true.
The South-eastern Hiphop star who has worked with artists such as Ikechukwu, Flavour, M-Trill, Kaynay Drenco, iLL Bliss took to social networking site Facebook 29/3/2012 to announce that he has officially quit the game. Evidently, he has been going through some rough times financially for the past couple of months, and the rap business no longer brings in enough money to cover his expenses and save for his future.
Before his retirement announcement, Mista Books was working on the anticipated Big Boyz Muzik (BBM) mixtape slated for release later this year. While we know that he is the mercurial type, we are yet to see how serious he was/is about retirement.
Mista Books

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