Saturday, April 7, 2012


Italian and Manchester City FC’s striker Mario Balotelli is happy he escaped without injuries from a car accident on Thursday, April 6, 2012 after being involved in a car accident.
According to a police report, Balotelli was driving in the Deansgate Locks area of  Manchester city centre when his Bentley collided with another car. Reports say Balotelli was ‘shook up’ after the incident but joked about it with bystanders at the scene.
Mario has had an accident but he’s fine’, said a spokesman for the Premier Leagueclub. ‘There were no injuries sustained by anyone and it wasn’t his fault’.
This is the second accident Balotelli has been involved in since moving to England after crashing and writing off his £120,000 (N30.6m) Audi R8 August 28, 2010.
The team doctor has confirmed that the 21-year-old ‘bad boy’ footballer would be fit to play in their next game with Arsenal on Sunday, April 8, 2012.
Balotelli’s damaged Bentley

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