Are you entertained?!’, Maximus the gladiator asked a startled group of spectators in the ancient Roman city of Zucchabar after he beheaded another gladiator in battle.
If he asked the same question to entertainment lovers across the world today, it’s almost certain they’ll reply, ‘Certainly not sir!’.
Little wonder today’s entertainers will go to any length to grab our attention; self-created controversies seem to be the fastest way nowadays – a naked picture here, a public scandal, or a major spat somewhere else – hopefully it won’t hurt, yeah?
It is with this same love and joy the sexy and sassy Ghanaian singer and show host Nana Ekua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel came bearing gifts for all and sundry in a photo-shoot which has now turned to a topic of debate on Social media and blogs.
The said photo (believed to have been taken in 2010) shows Mzbel (who was born on Boxing day, December 26) topless grabbing her boobs as the pair seemed to be grasping for air under her palms.
Mzbel, the hot Ghanaian hip-life mu-sic sensation born Nana Ekua, has proven why she is called ‘Queen of Sauciness’’, a blogger wrote about the photo.
Music came accidentally.I never planned to go into music but I’m now enjoying it so I’ve taken it seriously‘, Mzbel wrote on her website.
Mzbel is not new to controversy as in June 2011; she was reportedly arraigned for an alleged assault on a police officer.
Check out more photos of the singer below…
what’s the big deal guys?
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