Sunday, April 15, 2012


Biola Alabi, MD MNET
Subscribers to M Net’s Africa Magic channel now have more options to choose from as the South African company has unveiled five new channels.
The move is part of the pay TV channel’s celebratory activities marking its 10th year anniversary as an African pay TV company.
M-Net Africa managing director, Biola Alabi announced that from April 2012, DStv will feature the following content on the Africa magic channels: AfricaMagic Entertainment, AfricaMagic Family and AfricaMagic Movies in addition to its two existing platforms.
M-Net’s pioneering Africa Magic channels, which launched on DStv nearly a decade ago, have grown to become the home of great African storytelling, music and entertainment.
As a result, M-Net has now announced that is developing the Africa Magic channels further to ensure that audiences get the best possible selection of African programming available under one brand,‘ Alabi says.
‘Thus, all M-Net productions in East, West and Central Africa will now be found on an expanded line up of Africa Magic channels.’
We’re told shows such as Big Brother, Jacob’s Cross, Tinsel and 53 Extra, are just some of the highly-rated content that will be moved to a new Africa Magic branded channel. ‘We made this decision for a variety of reasons, not least the fact that research indicates that these programs are widely viewed when scheduled on the AfricaMagic channels,‘ she says.
She further added that ‘We know there’s a lot of work to be done to make these channels really live to their full potential but we’re determined to do so. Our motto is that we want to make programming and channels that speak to the African heart.
The new changes will exclude South Africa and Lesotho.

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