Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Charly boy

Veteran musician Charly Boy has threatened to sue two publications which reported that he is gay and a member of the Illuminati, a secret cult.
On Saturday, May 26, 2012, the National Mirror and Daily Independent newspapers published an article making the allegations, quoting from a Danfo Newspaper.
Charly boy took to his Twitter account on Monday, May 28, 2012 saying ‘yesterday, I was an illuminati member. Today, a gay, tomorrow, sleeping with a coffin and the list is endless. When will they stop these lies?
The eccentric entertainer says he usually keeps mum regarding media allegations, but it seems the 60-year-old musician is now ready to break his pattern, threatening to take legal action against National Mirror and Daily Independent.
‘I read with total dismay in Saturday Mirror newspaper that I am a gay and head of illuminati. I have never sued before…but this time…’ said Charlyboy
He continued, ‘I’m really very sorry, but this action is necessary just to avert future unverified story by my most learned journalists! My words!’
Meanwhile, the Nigerian Idol judge’s press secretary, Mr Adoyi Abah Ali, has sent a letter to the MD of  National Mirror, Mr. Steve Ayorinde, alerting him of Charlyboy’s plans to take the case farther, and demanding they remove the article within 72 hours.
The letter reads:
 Dear Steve,
 Re-I’m Gay “-Charlyboy”
I write to draw your attention to a story released on your paper on Sunday, 26th May, 2012 titled’ I’m Gay-Charlyboy’.
I’m well aware of how close you have been with the charlyboy brand since the past 25 years, and how grounded you have been in relation to the Charlyboy persona.  This invariably shows that you have been able to follow the Charlyboy Brand all through your career in the field of journalism.  Such display of interest and continuous curiosity to know more about the mission, vision and the character of the brand is worth commending. This is in exception of your positive contribution to the brand since the inception of your paper (National Mirror).
However, I’m a little disappointed that under your watch, such irresponsible and malicious story with such screaming headline could be published, maybe in the bid to draw traffic or encourage readership of your paper. I’m simply amazed!
What amazes me the most is your little understanding of the character of the Charlyboy brand and the reason with which it was established. You of all people should know that if truly he is gay, he would have been the first person to come out, screaming on top of his voice, even in market places defending gay rights. He wouldn’t have needed any newspaper to fight the authority over his right. Yes, you and I know that, yet you let the story out without much consideration on its effect on the brand that mentors young people.
I’m pained not because a rumour was just speculated that CB is gay and head of Illuminati in Nigeria, but I’m touched due to the fact that you called it a ‘confession’ through a fictitious interview that was never published in your paper or any other paper. If you could conclude that he is gay because of an interview culled from another paper, you should have balanced the story by insisting on hearing the other side. You are respected in the Charlyboy organisation as one of the few credible journalists.
We are aware of your fight in the past for integrity and respect, so it is obvious why I can’t hide my disappointment that this irresponsible journalism happened under your watch, in the most unprofessional manner
Anyway, I should hope that you have a copy of the original interview granted by the Areafada where he admitted being gay on tape.
On our own part, we cannot control people’s opinion in a matter such as this, but to have come out to state  categorically that Charlyboy granted an interview in relation to this issue is not only scandalous, but ‘human slaughter’. Your paper has gone beyond the boundaries, and would have to answer some basic questions as to how this story got to it. At the moment, one can only believe that Charlyboy’s interview is presently on tape and on your desk as claimed.
I would like to remind you again that the brand is a seasoned Journalist and understands the minutiae of Journalism and cannot be rubbished by any newspaper.
Having said this, I want to assure you that the Management of the brand will definitely ask questions in order to avert such libelous story in future, because this recklessness in journalism must stop!
Yours Faithfully,
Adoyi Abah Ali ( CB Press Secretary).

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