Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rihanna Illuminati Rumours

This is a topic ive been avoiding for so long but recent events has prompted me to write on it.
Ive always been indifferent about these Illuminati rumours,dont really care how bad people paint it it cant be worse than murders,rapist and terrorists all over the world.

If its true that it does exist then personally i dont see why its such a big deal.
Its an optional feat, you can either belong or not. The only law against it is Some religious laws which cant be taken to the human court of law hence its not a crime against man.

Now There are accusations of who belong there and who doesnt. Not until recently i can only confirm the likes of Rihanna and lady gaga who have come out openly to express there love for it. I will show u Rihannas Proof and lady gaga on the next edition. Dont know about you but seeing is believing.


The song S&M is no ordinary song from the title of the song to the chorus to what we see in the video it spells evil.

1. S&M in this case stands for Sadism & Masochism. Just to refresh your memory
     i. Sadism means
     a. The association of sexual satisfaction with the infliction of pain on others.
     b. Broadly, delight in cruelty

     ii. Masochism means
     a. An Abnormal condition in which sexual excitement and satisfaction depend largely on being
         subjected to abuse or physical pain,whether by oneself or another.
     b.The turning of any sort of destructive tendencies inward or upon oneself.

Personally i dont see why anyone should send such a message through music,Kids listen to these stuff. Of all the  things to sing about.

2. "its so good being bad,theres no way im turning back".Thats the first line of this song. You are most likely going to repeat those words when you play that song and guess what, it Subliminally convinces you to just try it out.

     The chorus goes i may be bad but im perfectly good at it before the part that tells you na na na na na
      come on, i like it like it come on. Yep, she wants you to join her in her perfectly evil ways. All you
      have to do really is just buy the song and keep listening to it. The actual video has over 30,000,000
      views and the lyrics below has over 15,000,000. Never knew people wanted to be bad this much.

   Now if you google any christian or religious songs i doubt if you will get anything above 2,000,000
   views,which is less than one quarter of the Rihanna song. Learning Anything yet??

3. Look carefully in this video between 2:50 and 2:54 you will see Princess of Illuminati written in      what appeared to be a newspaper. I googled articles on princess of illuminati by any known newspaper
and found none. So she is obviously proclaiming herself Princess of Illuminati. Aint that interesting.

See for yourself below;

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