Thursday, May 3, 2012

Plantashun Boiz reunite at 2face’s album concert

Plantashun Boiz – Faze, Black Face and 2face

Those who attended 2face’s Buckwyld and Breathless concert on Monday, April 30 must have been close to tears at the point where the pop giant decided to take his guests down memory lane by bringing back the Plantashun Boiz on stage!
Let’s go! Blackface, Faze where you at? Plantashun Boiz in the building!‘, 2face screamed out as former band mates Blackface and Faze stepped on stage to the delight of the audience.
The trio drove fans wild as they performed hits songs from their past albums, including fan favourites ‘Knock me off‘, ‘Don’t you know‘, ‘You and I‘ and ‘Say you believe‘.
Even though it was obvious they had not properly rehearsed the performance, they kept backing and filling each other’s verses, hugging and laughing as they entertained the crowd.
Long time Plantashun Boiz friend and collaborator Sound Sultan later joined the trio on stage to perform a revamped version of the hit song ‘Enter the place‘ which featured a surprise freestyle verse form Blackface.
Plantashun Boiz emerged in the Nigerian music scene in 1997. In 2000, they released their debut ‘Body and Soul‘ produced by Nelson Brown. Three years later, they released ‘Sold Out‘ which featured the hit song ‘Can’t leave without your love‘.
In 2004, the group went under after lead singer 2face called it quits and launched his solo career.
2face signed up with Kennis Music and released ‘Face2Face‘, Faze with Westside Music releasing his debut ‘Faze Alone‘ while Blackface released his ‘Ghetto Child‘ LP. All albums were critically-acclaimed, although only Idibia recorded major commercial success.
Several albums now down the line, Idibia remains the most successful of the trio, with an international career that ranks him as the most remarkable African pop icon of this era.
In 2007, the group briefly reunited and released a reunion album titled ‘Plan B‘ with the single ‘Say you believe me‘.
Check out some photos of the Plantashun Boiz live on stage at the April 30 concert
Blackface and 2face
Blackface and 2face
2face and Faze
Sound Sultan joins the trio on stage

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