Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fear In Kano: 40 Prostitutes Out Of 90 Tested Positive To HIV In A Single Day

This is so sad, imagine the number of people living in that part of the state were these prostitutes operate who are now infected with the cure-less disease. Unfaithfulness is deadly, not cool at all so try your best to keep clean.
A report by Hisbah officials (the Sharia police) indicating that 44 out of 93commercial sex workers arrested last Sunday at Kwanar Gafan are infected with deadly HIV/AIDS, is eliciting fears of massive spread of the scourge in the area –not only among clients but among innocent housewives across Kano state.
If a single market could harbour as much as 44 HIV infected ‘prostitutes’, how many unsuspecting clients could have contracted the virus from the victims? What factors could have been responsible for the convergence of prostitutes at the Kwanan Gafan market? What would be the fate of innocent housewives who might have contracted the disease through unfaithful partners?

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