Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How These Boiz Snatched An SUV From A Man Of God (Pastor)

Too bad, these young guys want to enjoy a good life but they don't want to sweat it, they want an easy way out. Now, look at where they found themselves. If only they had had a changed of mind and declined from going into armed robbery, now there is no turning back.

The three robbery suspects are Ibukun Olaoluwa, Adeyemi Adedoyin and Bolaji Kazeem. They confessed to robbing Akerele of his Toyota Highlander car. They were paraded by the Osun State Commissioner of Police, Mrs. Kalafite Adeyemi, on Friday, at the police headquarters, Oke-Fia,  Osogbo.
Kazeem explained that they forced the pastor’s SUV to stop by deliberately ramming their motorcycle into its rear. He said they ordered the pastor and his wife out of the vehicle after the wife came out to inspect the extent of damage done by the motorcycle.
The police commissioner said the tracking device  installed in the car helped them to track it from Akure in Ondo State to Ikirun, Osun State, where it was intercepted by the police. Akerele said, “I was returning home from a function; it was around 10pm and I was on my street when a motorcycle bumped into my car from the rear.
My wife got out to see the extent of damage and I just saw one young man pointing a gun at me. He demanded for the car keys and I gave it to him. The three of them entered into the car and sped off.

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